“Snowe Saxman is a GODDESS! I thought we were going to owe out the wazoo.  I was seriously expecting a 15-20k tax bill and not only do we NOT owe… we’re getting money back.

Looking forward to working with her to set things up for next year with less stress and more ease, so we know exactly what to do to save on our taxes.”

Brooke Rash Founder of The Social Celebrity & The Social Circle


Are you currently in the startup or seasoned phase of your business and you want to make sure that you are legally paying the IRS as little as possible without the high ticket cost of an experienced Accountant, CPA or Expert Tax Strategist?

That is exactly why I created the
Digital Business Tax Academy

Before Snowe, I was SO SCARED of taxes!

But seriously, Snowe saved the day!

Normal accountants CANNOT save you the money that Snowe can help you save!

– Sarah King 



The Business Tax Academy is a digital course that helps you save thousands of dollars using my signature tax strategies with a comprehensive, step by step business tax plan, so you can finally take that dream vacation, buy a new car or save for your future.

The Business Tax Academy includes my top secret money saving tax strategies that most CPA’s won’t tell you, the exact documentation you need to bullet proof yourself against an audit and my personal guarantee.


My Guarantee:

If I do not save you at least the cost of this digital course between the current tax year and the following tax year, I will refund the cost of this program. To date this has never happened.

Huge love and shout-out today to Snowe Saxman and Paul Saxman who gave me a Christmas present in April with news of my coming tax refund for thousands of dollars.  With these two, my “fear” of tax season is gone for good because I understand it doesn’t have to be scary and I have really smart minds behind me.

Lisa England
Communication Coach, Creative Director & Storyteller


I’ve spent 20 years studying the tax code and helping small businesses minimize taxes and maximize profits, so you can relax with peace of mind instead of panicking when April 15th comes around.

There is no one else out there like me.
I can promise you that!

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