Do you know the 5 steps that every WILDLY successful companies have in common?

I’m not just speaking about six figure success.  I’m referring to companies that change the world and make a lasting impact.  The 5 steps are SO interconnected that you could have 2 or 3 in place, but if you don’t have them all working in harmony, you will only take your business so far!

Here are the 5 steps every successful business has in common…

  • A clearly defined mission statement
  • Vision statement
  • Well thought out strategies
  • Mapped out goals
  • A plan to reach those goals

Once you are clear on what your God-given vision is, you can create a mission.

Once you are clear on these, then you can step into creating strategies for marketing, sales, closing, accounting, money, taxes & organization (not being organized, I mean organizational management—learning how to delegate).

Did you realize that every successful business has strategies for all of these things BEFORE they jump into business?

Let me say that again…they have strategies for marketing, sales, closing, accounting, money, taxes & organizational management.

They don’t just jump into a business selling a product or service without having a clear road map for success!

If you don’t have a road map for where you want to go, where will you end up?

That’s right, NOWHERE!

After they create this road map, they decide on long term and short term goals…10 years, 5 years, 3, 1, quarterly and monthly.

Then they create a massive action plan that lines up with their goals so that they can achieve them!

You know what we call this?

A business plan.

That’s right!

Have you ever heard someone say that business plans are outdated?  OH, I have and that is absolutely WRONG.

Now, some people make have a version of a business plan and they just don’t call it exactly that; however, a business plan gives you a complete road map so that you can have a profitable business rather than an expensive hobby!





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