With all these changes and this process God has been leading me in to become the woman He intended me to be, I realized He wanted me to reconnect with those lost dreams and passions I had as a child.

I’m always teaching about how we are affected by our life experiences.

They distort who God intended us to be, usually for the worse.

When we awaken as adults and begin our spiritual journey’s, what we are really doing is becoming that person God intended.

That’s why when I’m working with someone I direct them back to their childhood, so they can heal and so they can reconnect with who they really are.

To get an idea of who you really are, you want to look back to your natural gifts, passions and desires as a child.

Most likely before any kind of trauma.

Or, you look to what kept showing up almost unannounced.

Singing kept showing up for me, just like Taxes.

And without any effort from my part or years of dance lessons, I made a high school
dance team because of my natural talent.

These are obvious signs along the way to what I was born to do, but life got in the way.

Or did it?

Actually, God allowed it to happen for His greater purpose and I’m going to prove to you how.

For my senior year I was going to be the captain of the dance team, leading and creating most of the dances.

Our team was working on finally making it to the national dance competition and I was always in the advanced classes at our dance camps.

But I didn’t make the team.

After three years, I didn’t make it.

It was a big deal as a teenager, but also for the team and the school.

There were meetings about it, but nothing changed.

Even the coach stopped my friend in the hallway to ask what we were going to do without me.

It was horrible, but I’m no stranger to pain, so I got through it.

Over the last couple months God has been speaking to me about singing again and now dancing.

He’s been asking me to reconnect with them in preparation for my ministry work.

The first question I had was WHY NOW?

I’m 42, not 24 when most people would be serious about pursuing a career like that.

And why would I be the “Money Oracle” with such a strong financial background?

Then He reminded me of not making the dance team my senior year.

He showed me how if I had made it, it would have sent me on a path to dancing professionally.

And He was right.

Of course. LOL.

I would have pursued that in college and professionally, so He allowed that pain to turn me to His total will.

I did go on to college, got my Accounting degree and begin my path in Money.

You should know following me by now that creating money is one of the most spiritual things you can do and is directly related to your emotional well being.

Your emotional well being is directly related to you past and life experiences.

And that’s really where my gifts really are.

I can help women heal from their past, and renew their minds, so they can master creating money and realize their full God given potential, including financially.

And that’s why I am the Money Oracle.

That’s even what Taxes is all about.

It’s not about the huge money saving strategies, it’s about having the support of an expert in order to have the emotional support you need so you are FREE to create more money.

All of that comes down to the emotional healing we all need from what’s happened to us in life.

When we heal from our past and renew our minds, we are FREE to realize our full God given purpose and financial potential!

And if I had pursued a career in dancing, I would not have the strong financial background to support the emotional needs women have as well when it comes to money.

So you see, it HAD to happen.

God allowed it, even though it was painful, to get me where I needed to be and where I really want to be…empowering and healing women!

My biggest desire is to see women healed from their past, so they can realize their full God given potential!!!

So you can be FREE!

FREE to be who God made you to be!

Emotionally, spiritually AND financially.

And music is one of the best ways to help heal all of that!!!

You may not think they are connected, but they are.

You may even be thinking why are you “preaching” to me or why are you talking about God with money or business?

I am doing that because it’s all connected.

When you grow yourself, you’ll grow your business because it’s all connected.

That’s why ALL millionaires and billionaires have daily spiritual and emotional practices.

They understand this principle.

If you don’t understand that or that doesn’t speak to you , feel free to unsubscribe because that’s where my daily emails are focused.

They are my daily inspirational and spiritual emails about money to help you heal from your past and renew your mind, so you can realize your full God given potential.

And I LOVE writing them to you!!!

I know there is a lot changing, but I am REALLY excited to step into my healing ministry to help women realize their full God given purpose and financial potential!

I know that when you heal from your past and renew your mind, you can truly be FREE because I have done it myself with God’s help and you can do the same!


Much love,

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