Create More Money With Passion & Purpose.

Ready to turn your passion into a profitable business doing meaningful work you love?

Is this you? You want to…

  • Control how you spend your time and how much money you can make.  
  • A career that you are so passionate about, you constantly dream of all the possibilities.  
  • Make more money, but you also want to make a bigger impact doing meaningful work you love. 


Ready to learn how to minister in the marketplace using your spiritual and God given, natural gifts?

Is this you? You want to…

  • Change the world and keep God at the center of your business.
  • Balance your strong call to serve God and love people with your equally strong call to make a difference and money in the marketplace.
  • Fully work out how you can do ministry or non-profit work AND business together successfully, even if you have not been able to make either work in the past.
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