I am SO excited to share all that has been happening this summer behind the scenes at our global headquarters for Snowe Saxman, LLC.
First, I have been traveling more intentionally and it has been AMAZING! I set a goal a few months ago to travel at least once per month. This is an awesome benefit of living the internet (and really now the PHONE) lifestyle. I used to want to work at home, but now I can work from my phone and that is EXACTLY what I have been doing!!!
In May my talent company brought me to NYC for an interview with one of the largest morning talk shows in the world!!! EEEEEEEE!!! They loved the story I want to feature and so in the very near future I will let you know when that goes live!!! Make sure you follow my fan page, so you don’t miss a thing!!!
Paul and I took a beautiful horse carriage ride through Central Park and saw all the best spots, including John Lennon’s memorial. That is something I have wanted to do since I was in high school, so it was really a dream come true! Here are a couple of pictures!!
In June, I hosted my first mastermind for heart centered + empathetic coaches at a gorgeous resort near Walt Disney World. I taught these women who have a message of healing and hope how to bring radical change to people in a heart centered way and it was INCREDIBLE!! The sisterhood of women who want to keep God first in their business that was started is so unique and so needed!!! Here we are!! 

Then right after my mastermind, I went to visit my amazing client and now dear friend Lisa at her home in Milwaukee, WI. It was SO awesome as well! She was such an amazing host!! It was really awesome to be able to travel to see her and work on both of our businesses. She has come SO far in cleaning up and monetizing her mess since we first connected a year ago. She has now turned her passion into a profit plan and is LOVING to be able to lean into her true gifts, instead of fighting with what’s in her heart and soul, so that she can step into her financial destiny. 

She took me to all the best places including a restaurant with goats on the roof. YES, there were goats on the roof eating grass, LOL. We also did another “first” for me by visiting Chicago. We hopped on an Amtrak train and took the two hour ride to the Windy City. I have wanted to do that for years and it was so awesome to have another dream of mine come true! We even went to the top of the former Sears tower, stood on the glass balcony and took a picture over 100 stories up in the air! EEEEEE Here are some pictures from that trip!!!
Then in July, I went back to Milwaukee to help Lisa with her business and with her new car!!! Lisa bought a car that was manual, not automatic and she needed someone to teach her how to drive, so I volunteered. That’s what great business coaches and friends do, right? It was so much fun. I went over 4th of July, so we even got to see beautiful fireworks as we celebrated letting go of so many old aspects of our lives, so we can make room for all the new!!!

Then last, but not least, I just rented a gorgeous 9 bedroom home to do a new brand photo shoot because it is time to go to a new level and that means letting go of the OLD, so that I can make room for the NEW!!!

Letting go of the old is SOOOO hard!!! Have you had to let go of dreams and plans you had, but that for whatever reason didn’t fit into your new life? I have and this is not the first time, LOL.
I remember 5 years ago when I found out I was pregnant with Isaac. My 5 year plan DID NOT include another human at age 37. My 5 year plan included becoming a National Sales Director with Mary Kay, but that did not happen and it was crushing. So crushing I had to go away for the weekend to Miami to be able to deal with the news. Literally, I have had to do the same thing this summer. I have had to release my dreams and plans to God and it has been painful. I haven’t cried this much since I found out I was pregnant with Isaac, LOL.
I have so much to share with you about why this has been painful and beautiful at the same time, but I am running out of space, LOL.  Come back tomorrow and continue with me on this journey.  
If you are feeling brave enough, comment on this post and share with me something you have had to let go of because we are stronger together!!!
Much love and belief,
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