My name is Snowe and I COMPLETELY understand being broke, “stuck”, full of shame, having low self-esteem, feeling like you’re on a roller coaster in your business, being totally frustrated that you’re not achieving your goals, and wanting God to just do something about it all!

I’ve had my fair share of trials and obstacles, all of which strengthened my faith in God and helped me to live the abundant life He planned.

Why I Started My First Business At Age 23

(when everyone told me I was crazy and I should beg for my job back)

After graduating college with an Accounting Degree, I moved to Florida and landed a dream job at Walt Disney World as an entry level Accountant. It only took a few months for me to realize this was not FREEDOM and not for me! I did however meet the love of my life, Paul, so I know that everything happens for a reason.

I wanted to control my time, my income and my career advancement so at age 23, I left my “dream job” to pursue my MBA and began my first business doing small business financial consulting. My husband Paul was one of my first clients. We were a perfect fit! He had 3 lovely boys from his first marriage and I had 1 gorgeous daughter from mine. After a short romance, we had a dream wedding at Disney World and began our life together. We didn’t “plan” on having more kids.

As soon as we were married, we started a Construction and Development company from an investment gone bad. We decided to turn lemons into lemonade and we ended up building a successful multi-million dollar company. Even though we had a very successful company, I always felt that something was missing. I wasn’t passionate and “in love” with what we were doing. I was doing exactly what I wanted to do as the CFO for a multi million dollar company, but I would get so frustrated with financials, taxes and legal stuff, that I would think about quitting it all.

My First Business Transition

(of about 100, LOL)

One day, I was reading the newspaper (yes, we used to only be able to get news from a newspaper LOL) and I saw businesses for sale. I thought purchasing one of these would be a great idea. After all, someone else had done most of the “hard work” (or so I thought) and I figured I could just go in with my expertise and make it an even more profitable business.

I ended up purchasing a salon in an upscale part of town, despite my business broker’s advice that salons are the worst investment (I was only 25-years-old and thought I knew it all). I was SO excited about helping women feel better about themselves and about doing something more “fun” that I failed to really see the truth. To make a long story short, it didn’t work out and we lost about $100,000.

However, everything really does happen for a reason. This story does get better.

Through the salon, I ended up purchasing my second retail store…a ladies’ fitness franchise. It was presented as a really “good deal”, but turned out to be an instant money pit and I found myself in my second failing retail business. So there I was…the economy was about to crash, construction and real estate development were basically done, we had maxed out all our resources and I had NO clue what we were going to do.

Then, I heard a buzz about other fitness franchise owners that were making more money selling makeup and skincare than from selling gym memberships.

I looked at the three biggest makeup and skincare companies and decided to go with Mary Kay because she was named the greatest female entrepreneur in American history, among numerous other awards. I had never had a female role model. I didn’t even know they existed because I had been surrounded by men in business for years, so I was completely amazed when I learned all she had accomplished as a woman entrepreneur.

I was initially drawn to the amazing business model with freedom built in because I was tired of being stuck in traditional business, but then I fell in love with the ability to empower and influence women all under the priorities of God first, family second and our careers third. It was also the beginning of my personal healing journey and how I first personally connected to God.

Accounting, Taxes, Lipstick & Coaching?

(I agree, it’s not normal!)

Throughout the years, I provided consulting to friends, family, and entrepreneurs who were first starting their businesses and were feeling frustrated with taxes. Even though there were times I wanted to never look at another financial statement or tax return again, it literally kept showing up in my life.

I began to see an unhealthy pattern with the tax services that most of them received — especially business owners. I realized most accountants and CPA’s were great record keepers, but they just didn’t ask enough questions (if any) and they never seemed to have a strategic money saving tax plan. I thought this was very strange since they were the “experts”. I, on the other hand, would ask my clients only 1 or 2 questions and find out that they were paying way more in taxes than they should have been.

Overall, entrepreneurs seemed to be frustrated with their CPA’s or Accountants. I realized that most CPA’s don’t think outside the box and are NOT risk takers like entrepreneurs. This is what was causing most of that tension! It’s just a different type of Accountant that was needed for tax planning and I was always told I was NOT your typical Accountant, so we made a great fit!

Through my own frustration and countless people coming to me with this same problem, I realized I had a unique gift to monetize their taxes through strategic tax planning. My programs save most entrepreneurs thousands in taxes every year using my signature strategies even for businesses just starting out.

All the while, I felt very conflicted about my “unique” gifts and talents. How could I empower women and sell lipstick while also being an expert strategist and bean counter? I wanted to just give up the accounting and taxes and focus on empowering women because that is where my passion and heart were. Ironically, God brought me more tax planning and financial clients without even trying, so I got the message.

God began to show me how more women (outside of Mary Kay) needed me as well. He reminded me how he had uniquely designed me for a specific purpose and a time such as this. My “contradictions” were actually created to reach a specific group of women.  Eventually I even had to let go of the only tangible dream I ever had…my Mary Kay Business, but I knew it was so I could step into my financial destiny and I was ready to fully surrender to the purpose and will of God in my life.

How was I a Millionaire at 25 & Bankrupt by 35?

(I have to be completely HONEST with you)

For a long time after the economy crashed and we lost everything, I was stuck in a lack mentality waiting on God to “do something”. I stopped showing up for myself using the gifts and talents that He had given me to create wealth. When I had enough and cried out to God, He told me that I was the problem. My thinking was the problem. Then, God began to use mentors and coaches to reveal my self-sabotage…I had fears around money that I didn’t even realize! I would hold onto money because “I didn’t know when we would receive anymore” and every way I handled Money was fear based. I’m so thankful to the mentors that God used to help me.

Once He began to open my eyes, everything changed for me. I was shocked when God told me that I wasn’t waiting on him, but He was waiting on me and that I was the problem.  With God’s help, I was able to re build my business back to multiple six figures.

I know in my heart that God desires for us all to live emotionally, spiritually AND financially FREE. I am living proof of that! It doesn’t matter where you are right now, you can have a prosperous future no matter how hopeless it seems. All you have to do is believe!

At the end of the day, all of these things have put me in the best place possible to help other women live the abundant life God planned for them, so they can live emotionally, spiritually and financially free!

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