When I first started working with Snowe Saxman, I was kind of lost as to what I wanted to do for my business.  I also had a lot of money blocks that Snowe helped me to breakthrough.  I was unclear as to what my purpose was which made it difficult to create a profitable business.  Before working with Snowe I had tried to complete a traditional business plan, but I got absolutely nowhere. I could never figure out what I needed to complete and then I finally gave up. When working with Snowe, she breaks every step down into easy to understand steps and instructions while helping you discover your purpose, so you are able to create a profitable business that you love.  I have to say that I honestly don’t know where I would be without Snowe.  I feel more confident about my business and my purpose.  I am on my way to creating six figures and it’s all because of her program.  Thanks for everything Snowe!

– Tiffany Stokes, The Healthy Accountant

Tineshia-Toole-HeadshotWords can’t describe how I feel about Snowe Saxman. This woman is amazing. She formed my Smart Corp and helped me to understand and to NOT be afraid of taxes. I was so freaked out about taxes but thank God for Snowe. There is nothing in the world like having someone who truly cares about others, someone who is genuine, and knows their stuff like Snowe Saxman.

I can sleep at night knowing that I am in good hands with Snowe. I love this woman and I thank God for sending me one of His angels, Mrs Snowe Saxman.

Thank you soooo much Snowe. I appreciate you.

– Tineshia Toole

Melanie-St-Ours-HeadshotI just had a new client sign up which means that this is now my highest income month ever of almost $8,000!  I received the biggest check of my life—and I wrote it to MYSELF from my own business’s account!

I am so ready. I love what we’ve done so far, and I know that I need more support to really change my mindset and behaviors. I STILL haven’t gotten all of the systems in place that you wrote on the checklist, and I know it’s the greater accountability and mentorship that will help me grow into someone who is fearless about money and sees it as a blessing! The challenge you gave me to manifest the $$ to work with you got me into action, which is how the new income happened! That’s what you’ve done for me this week already!”

– Melanie St Ours


I’d been avoiding my taxes because it was so overwhelming and in my head it was easier to just not make too much money than to deal with a huge tax debt at the end of the year. I didn’t realize it was affecting my business until I talked to Snowe. Talking to Snowe really made me feel like I could take on my tax demons and get my finances in order. She has a phone app to make things easier, too. I’m looking forward to working with her to get my taxes in order.

– Colette Gallagher

Jen Tufford

Snowe, Have I mentioned I think you are simply “fabulous”? Well, you totally are!  I am so excited for 2015 — I think you are going to be the “key” to my success! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted! #thankyou #youreamazing    

– Jen Tufford

Clifton Hatfield Headshot

Snowe Saxman’s professionalism as a private CFO provided high-level consulting for my multi-million dollar business. Snowe’s tax strategies and financial guidance were crucial elements for simplifying the complexity of my company’s financial planning.

– Clifton Hatfield

Brian Foshee Headshot


I literally SAVED $15,000 IN ONE YEAR!! Snowe turned my businesses into her signature “Smart Corps”. Best decision I ever made. I thought TurboTax was good…til I met Snowe!

– Brian Foshee

Renee-Harshey-HeadshotI just finished the first video segment on Snowe’s “Start Smart” program regarding the difference between a Sole Proprietor, LLC and S-Corp. I have been in direct sales business for 9 years now and all I can say is I wish I would have found her years ago!

Thanks so much for creating this for us small business folks! I can’t wait to listen to the rest.

– Renee Harshey

Moku CorreaSnowe has helped me tremendously in the almost past two years that I have known her.

She helped me put together my LLC/smart Corp the correct way, Snowe’s knowledge of business, how to run a business and how to use your business to get you huge tax breaks are one of a kind. I am being totally honest when I say that if I did not use Snowe’s skills and professionalism, my business and I would definitely be in trouble…I would be lost.

I count my blessings every day and Snowe is one of them! If you are thinking about using Snowe’s services for your business…there’s nothing else to think about, just do it

Time is money and Snowe knows all about money and how to save you a ton of it. ALOHA Snowe for all you do!!

– Moku Correa

Donna Kunde Headshot

Just went through and re-read all the posts and answers Snowe put together. I had a lot of questions and I’m thankful for Snowe’s patience! It really helped me to read the answer several times. I finally feel like I get it and that’s so empowering as a business owner. Thanks again for putting this together!  

– Donna Kunde

Amy T Headshot


I was VERY concerned about taxes this year and this amazing lady saved me over $10,000 in taxes this year!

– Amy T

Debbie Doyle HeadshotI have had the pleasure of working with Snowe Saxman several times. Snowe has been a real God send in my life, she is dedicated and devoted. Her knowledge on startups and protecting yourself is unparallel to anyone I have ever spoken to. She has taught me so much on how to build a successful business, and keep the income stream coming!

– Debbie Doyle

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