Paul and I have been married for 17 years and people still ask us if we are newly weds.  Other people ask, “what does it take to have a successful marriage like yours, especially because you are together all the time building your business and home schooling your children?”.  Then others want to know, “do y’all ever “fight” and actually get mad at each other?”.  

Paul and I have a really beautiful marriage,
but it wasn’t always this way.

When Paul and I first married, we both brought an extreme amount of baggage into our marriage. It was basically love at first site when we met, but the road ahead would be long and very winding. We had a whirlwind romance getting married at Walt Disney World after both professing our desire to never get married again and never wanting anymore children. Oh do we make plans and God laughs!!! Not only did we get married, we had 3 more boys together. Our children range from age 27 down to 4.

Because of our hard first marriages and my traumatic past, we found ourselves living a rock-star lifestyle of drugs, partying for days on end, strip clubs and wild underground sex parties. We had a million dollar business by the time I was just 25 years old and we also had a million dollar rock-star lifestyle that went along with it.

Our rockstar lifestyle wasn’t all glamorous and exciting. It did come with special events, famous people and VIP access, but it also came with emotional hangovers, abuse and near death experiences.

After both Paul and I attempted to take our own lives, God stepped in. He found us in the most unusual place, my Mary Kay business.

God used my Mary Kay business to draw us in for one full year while I was still addicted to cocaine and Paul was still pushing down the spirit of God in his heart. In an interesting turn of events, a Pastor’s wife found me in need of Mary Kay product and two months later we were having church in my Mary Kay slash rockstar party pad. We had church on Sat nights which was perfect because it didn’t intefere with my party schedule.

A few months later God set me free from my cocaine addiction and Paul and I helped to officially plant this church with a small group of people. Our lives were totally transformed and set free because of God.

Paul and I completely submersed ourselves in this new church, committed our life to God and to the work it would take to restore not only ourselves, but our marriage. We did every bible study, group event, training, leadership boot-camp and retreat the church had for years. And every single church event was held at our house for almost 9 years. We also served and held almost every volunteer and leadership role the church had. Paul eventually became the Executive Pastor and I even preached.

Then one day in 2015, God gave Paul a word that he could no longer deny and we shockingly left the church, in a matter of days, that we had helped to plant and build for almost 10 years.

We knew part of what God was saying, but like so many things in life, we didn’t know what truly laid ahead.

We knew we were called to be entrepreneurs, but we also had a strong desire to serve God by helping people know the truth of His word and principles. We needed a way to do both and that time was coming. God called us to leave the church because it was time for us to step into a marketplace ministry, but there was more healing and more preparation that we both needed over the next two years.

We always knew God would use our marriage and individual stories to set people free, encourage them and restore them. He had already been doing that with numerous married couples and even singles who we shared and counseled for years, but it was time for something different.

It was time for Prosper Ministries, birthed from the ashes of two broken people who surrendered to God’s way of doing things, so that something beautiful could emerge like the Phoenix from the ashes.

We believe as God’s word says, that He has plans to prosper you in ALL ways. Emotionally, spiritually, physically AND financially. Yes, even financially. What that Prosperity looks like financially will be as different for each of us as we physically look, but prospering is part of God’s plan for you, your marriage and your family. Prosperity doesn’t mean everything goes the way you want, but it does mean when you keep God first, you will have a successful life.

No matter who you are, what you have done or how hopeless you may feel about your life, you CAN have prosperity and experience freedom in every area of your life, just like we have. It all starts with a decision to follow God. Click here to learn more about our faith.

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