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Did you know that 90% of entrepreneurs never realize success in their business? Don’t let your business become an expensive hobby. My passion is to help you build a six figure business in a smart and soulful way which allows you more quality time at home with your family.


Through years of working with entrepreneurs, I’ve discovered that most self-employed people don’t have a business plan, a money management system or a strategic tax plan. 90% of businesses fail because of these missing pieces. The fact is, a lot of entrepreneurs avoid putting these things in place because they’re not sure what to do and are scared.

Without proper guidance, you can easily end up spinning your wheels when it comes to your business and wasting precious time…time that could be spent with your family.

I want you to have a purpose driven blueprint for success to help you move forward and realize your full potential in business. It’s time to bring your business in alignment with your purpose, create a purpose driven business plan, stop wondering where your expenses/receipts are and stop worrying about where all your money is going.

I love to consult and coach purpose driven women like you who struggle with money learn how to break through limiting beliefs and teach you how to create, manage & multiply money through God inspired success, financial and business strategies.

My signature programs are designed to empower you to create more money, so that you can have it all!  More money, more choices and more time with your family!   Click my image below to learn more about creating more money with me!

Create more money by breaking free from negative thoughts about money with my Money Mindset Freedom, create more money by bringing your business into alignment with your God given purpose and create more money by uncovering and replacing your hidden success blocks with my God inspired Soul Prosperity.  Click to Learn more.

Need a Strategic Tax Plan that will save you money? Click here.

Need Something Else?

Here are additional services that my business team offers…

  • Forming Non Profit Organizations including the filing of 501c3 applications
  • ‹‹Personal, Business & Corporate Tax Returns
  • ‹‹Settle with the IRS for back taxes owed or help with payment options
  • Forming LLC’s, Corporations & LLP’s 
  • General Business Consulting
  • Completion of Business Plans
  • Private Coaching & Masterminds
  • ‹‹Strategic Tax Planning: Personal & Business

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