Chief Abundance Officer

Private Financial Coaching with Snowe

through Soulful Money Mentoring


A CFO for the Heart Centered + Soulful Entrepreneur

For the visionary female entrepreneur who wants more than a financial officer, she wants an empowering money mentor with heart and soul, so she can take her business to the 6 or 7 figure level and always stay in God’s abundant flow.

I can help you breakthrough to that next level of income and impact while making smart and intuitive financial decisions because I have done it myself.  By the time I was 25 years old, I was the Chief Financial Officer for our own multi million dollar company.  I was doing exactly what I wanted to do when graduating college with a degree in Accounting.  However, something just didn’t feel right.  I was obviously gifted financially, but I would get to these places of feeling like I could not look at another financial statement again.  It was very conflicting and frustrating.  So, I began a journey of trying to fill the void that was missing.  I started a series of very feminine businesses thinking that was the answer, until one day I realized what the problem really was.  I had been trained in college and graduate school to handle finances in a completely masculine way, which is the total opposite of my divine design.  I naturally use  my heart and soul when making all decisions, even financial ones.  I realized that I was getting frustrated with the lack of smart + intuitive financial decision making I was programmed to do and that is why I would want to give it all up.  I even tried to give it up, but financial mentoring kept coming back into my life.  I eventually received the message.   I thoroughly believe that nothing is wasted and there are good aspects of traditional financial decision making, but it lacks feeling and emotion.  That is why I was divinely inspired to create Abundance Acceleration, to help you keep heart & soul in all your financial decisions, so that you can continue the journey of abundance and prosper in all ways!

Through Abundance Acceleration you will:

  • Learn empowering money practices, so that you always stay in the flow of creating money.

  • Receive soulful money mentoring, so that you can make smart + intuitive financial decisions.
  • Have help with financial visioneering to increase your income and impact, so that your business & life can prosper.


God inspired process


  • Intuitive review of your current financial house, including personal finances, so that we can create a money vision.

  • 8 (45) minute financial mentoring sessions in the beginning of the month (there is flexibility here), so that monthly you can make smart + intuitive financial decisions.

  • 4 (1) hour financial visioneering sessions each quarter, so that we can create, manage and multiply your money.

  • 4 (1/2) hour financial team meetings quarterly, so that everyone is on the same page with the vision.

  • Weekly virtual + voice check in’s & support via voxer.


What this includes:

  • Monthly review & financial‹‹ coaching call, so that all of your money questions are answered.

  • Completion of quarterly financial statements‹‹ & visioneering, so that you know exactly what your profit is, what you owe & how to increase income.

  • Help creating a program & product profit plan, so that we can find money leaks, stop them and look for growth opportunities.

  • Understanding & help with all business, legal & tax situations, so that you are not caught off guard by any aspect of managing your business.

  • Learn Empowering money practices & management tools, so that you can create more money.

  • Learn how to master money management, so that you can grow your business from the financial side.

  • Help designing your business + life money vision and financial goals, so that you have a financial road map for success.


What this does not include:

  • Record or Bookkeeping

  • Tax Preparation

  • Tax Planning

  • Click here for help with taxes

By adding me to your growing team, you will have the confidence and support to continue on your journey of abundance, so that you can create the income and impact you were born to have!

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