There are some big changes coming and I’m really excited to finally share them with you!

Even though I can’t share all of them yet, I wanted to share a little.

Many of you know that Paul and I have a unique relationship.

Ever since we have been together, Paul has done the laundry and most of the cooking.

Doing the laundry is a detail oriented thing he prefers to do because I might not do it to his standard or I might mess it up.

Eye roll, but true!!! LOL.

I’ve never enjoyed cooking and Paul knew that from day one.

We also have other things that seem to be the opposite of most men and women.

Like Paul is the spender and usually women spend more than men because we make emotional decisions and like to shop. LOL.

Most financial decisions in the world are made my women. #itiswhatitis

The point is that in many ways we have had our roles reversed, including for the last few years me being the primary income, but it’s been part of the charm of our relationship.

However, things have begun to shift and it is so interesting!

I have been releasing certain things in my business so the focus can be on taxes and I can begin to do ministry related things.

Paul has been my under study for taxes for the last few years and even went through the certified tax coach program.

When we started doing this it was so he could take over the tax preparation because I prefer to be speaking, mentoring and doing events.

The whole reason I left my first job a few months after college was because I couldn’t be behind a computer crunching numbers all day. LOL.

Now with hustle of year end, Paul is busier than a one armed paper hanger. That’s his term.

And I am not so busy.

So I have been taking care of the house, making sure the boys finish school work, running errands and other things Paul used to do.

Since we have teenagers, I have them doing a lot of the cooking and cleaning, LOL, but I am still overseeing!

It’s nice to have that kind of help!

I have however been cooking some breakfasts for Isaac and even lunch for Paul.

This really is a total shift.

Most people who know me ask for proof of this, lol, so I am attaching a photo of Isaac eating breakfast.

And surprise, he’s smiling because it’s good.

The only thing I am pretty good at cooking is breakfast. LOL.

Paul’s still doing the laundry, but that may never change.

This is a huge shift, but it feels really amazing.

Honestly, this is God’s design.

I can see the shift in my life of fully stepping into the role of the Proverbs 31 woman who takes care of her family and her “business” while her husband does what God has called him to do.

I have said for many years that I believe we can change the world when we live our lives God first, our families second and our careers third.

It’s been a passion of mine to help women get back into the home as the primary influence in their families lives because I know when we do this, we will be able to pass on our values to our children, not someone else’s.

Whoever you and your family spend the most time with will condition your minds to believe what they believe, not what you really believe.

It was never God’s design for both parents to be gone from their children 40 to 60 hours plus per week.

This system our western world has created of working for someone else living paycheck to paycheck not utilizing our God given talents is actually keeping people in bondage and destroying our families.

It has been for the last 30+ years.

It has become a necessity now, but there is a better way.

You CAN have it all, more money, more choices and more time with your family just like the Proverbs 31 woman.

I am living proof of that!

Even after having a surprise baby late in life right after filing bankruptcy, I was able to re build a profitable business with nothing because I built my business around my family, not the other way around.

God blessed me because when I kept my family before my business, that was honoring His ultimate will.

Our first priority as mothers is our children.

That’s our most important role in this world we have especially to God.

He is the one who gives us our children and when we keep them before anything else, careers included, that’s keeping Him first.

And when we keep Him first, things work out in miraculous ways.

I kind of disconnected from this passion, but it’s always been the reason I want to teach women how to create more money.

As things shift, the way I will help women do this is shifting as well and that is really exciting!

As soon as I have the green light from God, I will share how exactly I will be helping women have it all, more money, more choices and more time with their families.

Stay tuned for more!

Make it an awesome and blessed day because the choice really is yours!


Blessings & Belief,

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