No matter what your struggle with money is, I can help you overcome it God’s way, so you can live the abundant life He planned for you.



God wants you to live an abundant life, but the biggest thing holding you back from experiencing that abundance is your past and what you really believe (which is your faith) about money and God. 

Deep down, do you think God wants you to prosper? Are you afraid of money? Do you think you deserve abundance, or do you think you’re meant to struggle?

Understanding what you really believe in your heart about money and God is the number one thing you can do to find more of it without fear and stress.  And that’s called Faith.

Faith is really what you believe, and faith — the size of a mustard seed — can move even the biggest mountains!

What you think and believe about money matters. A lot.

I have 20 years of a strong financial and psychological background as well as 10+ years of Biblical education, coaching and experience to help you learn how to create money God’s way, so you can prosper and live the abundant life He planned for you.

I’m not just another money expert.

I know what you’re feeling because I’ve been there myself.

I was a millionaire by age 25, bankrupt + living on food stamps by age 35 and now, with God’s help, we stopped living in bondage to money and we started living in Divine Financial Freedom.  

I’m passionate about this work because I know you can change the way you think about money and get out of your financial despair if you understand God’s principles. Understanding that God has plans to prosper you, not harm you, is a crucial step to freeing yourself from feeling hopeless and suffocated by your finances forever.

83% of people who have a source of income experience some kind of financial stress. Plus, it’s the number one cause of marriage and health problems, even in the Kingdom. Financial struggle is literally killing us — but the Bible is clear. God HAS plans to prosper, not harm us.  Even though that prosperity looks different for us all and it doesn’t guarantee riches, it does guarantee a successful journey.  However, you can’t experience God’s promises if you don’t know them, so instead you feel stuck and stressed when success is your birthright.  And I understand how that feels.

You’re exhausted, you’re stressed, and you’re disappointed. You believe God loves you and you pray, but nothing changes. You don’t know what to do, how to turn it around or how to feel peace when it comes to you finances, so abundance seems impossible.

I get it, and I can help.

Where Do You Need Help Believing God For Abundance?

My three signature offers can help you rise up from the depths of hopelessness and despair and help you start prospering God’s way, so you can live the abundant life He planned for you. Stop living in bondage and start living in freedom today! 

Need To Heal From Your Past?

Are you stuck looking in the rear view mirror of your life?  Walk through emotional healing with God, so you can break FREE from traumatic life events or any painful past and experience the abundant life He planned for you.

Ready To Prosper God’s Way?

Break FREE from the bondage of money.  God does not desire for you to be struggling with money and living in lack. Learn how to change the way you view God and money, so you can live the abundant life He planned for you.

Ready For Abundance Acceleration?

Learn how to develop confidence and faith when it comes to your finances, so you can accelerate your abundance and KNOW that everything you need will be provided for you on your journey.


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